Innova 40 Incubator Shakers and Accessories, New Brunswick

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  • Benchtop Incubator Shaker with wide temperature range: Innova 40: 5°C above ambient to 80°C Innova 40R (Refrigerated): 15°C* below ambient to 80°C
  • Uniform and precise temperature control: ± 0.1°C with uniformity of ± 0.25°C at 37°C
  • Agitation: 25-500 rpm (± 1 rpm) provides versatility for culturing a wide range of cell types
  • User-friendly, programmable controller with timer
  • Large, easy-to-read display, visible from all angles and in the dark
  • Transparent lid provides clear chamber visibility
  • Audible and visible alarms
  • “Set-It and Forget-It” programming automatically changes to multiple parameters
  • NBS renowned Triple-Eccentric Gyrotory® drive provides smooth, uniform motion to cultures, while ensuring long shaker life and quiet operation
  • Both models accept flasks up to 3 litres (max.4)
  • RS232 connection enables data logging and computer control
  • 3 year warranty
  • * Min. temp 4°C


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