Hybrigene hybridisation incubator without tubes

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  • HB-1D
  • Designed to accept a variety of hybridisation tubes and to cope with a large workload
  • Hybridisation tubes can be mixed and matched for use with different sized membranes
  • Minimal probe volume
  • Five 20 x 20cm membranes can be probed in one large tube
  • High tube capacity – up to 6 large, or 24 mini tubes
  • Adjustable speed rocking platforms (5-20rpm or 15-60rpm) can be inserted
  • 1 year warranty


  • Lower cost stackable unit for lower throughput, but offering excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity
  • Holds up to 4 large or 16 mini glass tubes
  • Adjustable speed rocking platforms (5-20rpm or 15-60rpm) can be inserted
  • Stack up to 3 ovens saving on valuable labouratory space
  • 1 year warranty

MB0221 Hybridistation tube rack – holds 3 large & 3 small tubes and fittings
MB0222 20 x 20cm separation membranes (pack of 5)
MB0223 Rocking platform, slow 5-20rpm
MB0224 Rocking platform, fast 15-60rpm
MB0227 Stainless steel mesh shelf
MB0231 Large glass hybridisation tube without end cap
MB0232 Large glass hybridisation tube with push-on end cap
MB0233 Small glass hybridisation tube with screw-on end cap
MB0234 Multi tube carrier for mini tubes
MB0235 Mini glass hybridisation tubes (pack of 4) – requires MB0235
MB0236 Tube carrier with clips to hold 16 x 15ml tubes
MB2037 Tube carrier with clips to hold 8 x 50ml tubes

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