Gen3 Multi-Barrier Tips, Axygen

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Introducing the ultimate filter barrier technology. The Axygen® GEN3 multi-barrier filter pipette tips offer the ultimate in protection against cross-contamination using tri-filter technology. These tips will prevent liquid or aerosol from passing through and will lock on contact assuring your valuable samples and research have not been compromised.

Unlike other self-sealing barrier tips that can possibly inhibit PCR, GEN3 tips effectively separate liquid from the self-sealing barrier using an additional protective layer of conventional polyethylene filter material.

  • Multi-Barrier Self Sealing Filter prevents aerosol or liquid cross-contamination
  • Maxymum Recovery surfaces for ultra-low retention and high yield
  • Proprietary filter design prevents possible PCR inhibition
  • Hinged rack for convenience and ease of use
  • Pre-Sterilised – no need to autoclave
  • Certified RNase/DNase-free and Pyrogen-safe for total sample integrity
  • Certified human gDNA and PCR inhibition free


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£619.50 (Excluding VAT at 20%)
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