Enduro GDS, Imaging Systems and Accessories, Labnet

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  • Exceptional Resolution – The standard 5MP camera provides the best image possible for qualitative work and the most data points for accurate quantitation
  • Ready to Use – Comes with camera, camera mounts, gaskets and transilluminator installed and ready to go. When you take it out of the box simply load the software from enclosed USB stick and run.
  • Innovative Cabinet – The light tight cabinet has a UV viewing port to allow you to view gels directly
    – UV cut-off switch prevents accidental exposure to UV light.
    – Easy open drawer provides access to gels for cutting out bands.
  • Large Field of View – The integrated UV transilluminator has a fully visible 20 x 24cm field of view
  • No Focus Needed – The smartcapture technology means that you never need to touch the camera. The system is pre-focused and will be in focus whether sample is directly on transilluminator or raised on a gel tray
  • Autoexposure – Innovative qualitative and control software is included.
    – Autoexposure button provides ideal imaging with a single click
    – Manipulate exposures and images with the large standard palette of tools
    – UV light is controlled by the software and is automatically shut off if the unit if left for a short period of time, extending the life of the bulbs
  • 2 year warranty exclusive of UV bulbs and gaskets


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