Enduro GDS II Imaging Systems, Labnet

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The GDS II comes in either a 302 nm or 365 nm version and runs on a Windows-based PC (not included). The GDS Touch II comes in either a 302 nm or 365 nm wavelength version with 470 nm epi-blue lights for use with “safe dyes” that eliminate the need for ethidium bromide. Both versions now come with a storage location on top to help maximize bench space and provide a place for accessories.

ENDURO™ GDS II Applications

  • Visible protein stains like Coomassie blue or silver stain
  • Designed for DNA
    • Ethidium bromide
    • Safe dyes such as GelGreen® and SYBR™ Safe

Product Features

  • Region of interest (ROI) function allows optimal exposure in less than 30 seconds. No more multiple exposures to get good images!
  • Transilluminator good for 30,000 hours there is no longer a need to buy replacement UV bulbs
  • Save photo files as jpeg or 16-bit .tiff files ideal for publication
  • 2-year warranty
  • Includes fully-featured qualitative software is ideal for creating publication and notebook quality images


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