ECO 48 Real Time PCR System and accessories, PCRmax

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The PCRmax Eco 48 real-time PCR system is a high specification thermal cycler that accommodates a unique 48-well polypropylene PCR plate utilising the same geometry as standard 384-well plates, but only 1/8 of the size. This enables users to dramatically reduce the qPCR reagent volumes compared to traditional 96-well instruments, saving users precious sample, whilst still producing a strong fluorescence signal.

Key Features:

  • The Eco 48 has a small 34.5cm x 31cm footprint
  • Industry leading ±0.1ºC temperature uniformity (recorded at 95ºC no settle time)
  • Fast cycling enables several experiments per day, all at an economical price
  • Fastest block-based real-time PCR system with the ability to run 40 cycles in 20 minutes
  • HRM functionality is provided as standard and can discriminate class IV SNP 99.9% of the time
  • The Eco 48 can utilise four colours for easy multiplexing
  • Calibrated for SYBR®, FAMTM, HEXTM, VICTM, ROXTM and Cy®5 fluorescent dyes
  • Easy to use software, streamlined for novices and experts
  • No need to run triplicates, to compensate for poor thermal uniformity of block
  • 1 year warranty

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