EchoLUTION viral RNA/DNA Swab 96 Kit Plus

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For single-step 96-well purification of viral RNA & DNA from nasopharyngeal swabs within 5 minutes; Starting material: dry, non-resuspended or swabs in stabilization medium. It has been validated for COVID-19 tests from patient samples on SARS CoV-2 with sensitive and reliable results.

The patent-pending EchoLUTION technology starts with the unique LyseNtact Lysis Buffer, enabling an immediate disintegration of viral particles. The subsequent RNA extraction applies an extremely efficient reverse purification and is finished after only one 1-minute centrifugation step. The stabilized viral RNA lysate is directly loaded onto the 96-well plate. All potential debris or cellular compartments, inhibitors, and salts are completely removed. Viral nucleic acids are easily recovered with close to 100 % recovery and highest purity.

The process is up to 20 x faster than commonly used silica-based bind-wash-elute procedures. A daily throughput of several thousand samples can be easily achieved.

  • SARS-CoV-2 RNA extraction in just 2 minutes
  • 96 swabs processed in less than 10 minutes
  • Only standard lab* equipment necessary
  • Validated for COVID-19 tests from dry swabs or transport media**
  • Usable for all other RNA or DNA viruses
  • Sustainable procedure: 70 % less plastic, no hazardous liquids
  • Duration:  Done in 2 minutes after sample preparation, 10 minutes for processing of 96 samples

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