EchoCLEAN DNA CleanUp Kit

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Revolutionary DNA clean-up in only 3 minutes is amazing to find. BioEcho’s EchoCLEAN kits do this by using proprietary negative chromatography to remove impurities in the column material and pure DNA is collected in the flow-through in a single centrifugation step. All of this means less handling, drastically reduced plastic consumable usage and no need for hazardous chaotropic salts and organic solvents. The recovery using EchoCLEAN kits is close to 100% since no losses occur due to nucleic acid binding to a carrier material. In contrast, a silica-based kit can result in a loss of up to 30% of the target nucleic acid, and traces of chaotropic salt and ethanol can be co-eluted if washing is incomplete, leading to downstream inhibition in real-time PCR. EchoCLEAN kits have no chaotropic salts, organic solvents or EDTA, resulting in DNA which shows superior performance in qPCR even when undiluted. There is no limitation to the amount of DNA that can be cleaned up, but the maximum sample volume is 100 µl. The purified nucleic acid is eluted in water and can immediately be used for downstream applications.

  • Single-step clean-up and desalting of DNA in just 3 minutes
  • No tedious bind-wash-elute procedure
  • Higher yield (> 95%) and speed (2 – 3 times faster) than with silica-based methods
  • Reliably removes all unwanted molecules and contaminants like oligonucleotides, phenol, PCR and enzymatic inhibitors and salts
  • 3 different base pair cut-offs (for DNA >50bp/100bp/200bp)
  • Superior performance in downstream applications like PCR, qPCR & next generation sequencing
  • Sustainability: 70% less plastic than with silica-based methods, no hazardous liquids

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