Duran Silicone Lid Set (S/M/L), green

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  • Versatile: The new DURAN® silicone lid is suitable for a wide range of applications as it can be used to cover and seal a variety of differently shaped lab containers.
  • Safe: The DURAN® silicone lid seals flush with the container and protects the contents from dust or splashes. With the help of the integrated pull tabs, the lid can be easily removed by hand or with gloves.
  • Identifiable: Three different colours (pink, cyan and green) make it easy to colour mark different samples. In addition, sample information can be written with a lab marker on the marking field flap to indicate the sample.
  • Sustainable: The DURAN® silicone lids are reusable, easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. This results in less waste, and a lower environmental impact.


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