Digital Alarm, Labcold

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Designed to be factory fitted or free standing, the Labcold RLAA5002 battery powered alarm and digital temperature display is an optional extra for Labcold fridges and freezers that don’t come with a digital display and alarms as standard. This compact device alarms at high and low temperatures plus stores the maximum and minimum temperature. As it is battery powered, it runs free of the mains so will work even in the event of a power cut.

  • Displays current cabinet temperature as well as highest and lowest temperatures since last reset
  • Available as factory fitted version (LC051) or as stand-alone (LC052)
  • Adjustable alarm (audible and visual) for high or low temperature
  • Alarm continues to operate until reset by operator
  • Supplied with cabinet sensor and 3m lead
  • Typical 12 month battery life (with low battery warning)


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