DeckWorks 300ul Natural Graduated Low Binding Tips, Reload, Corning

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Pack Size: 4 x 960

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  • Proprietary low binding technology reduces surface tension on the interior wall of the tip. Leaching and/or subsequent sample degradation associated with silicone-based tips are eliminated
  • Ideal for quantitative assays in which sample binding can significantly alter results
  • Universal tips – fit most brands of pipettors
  • Corning DeckWorks low binding tips are available in 10ul, 200ul and 300ul sizes
  • Sterility Assurance Level 10-3
  • Certified RNase/DNase free and non-pyrogenic
  • Two packaging options available:

    Hinged racks “ reusable, autoclavable and stackable
    Reload Decks “ 8 or 10 nested decks wrapped in clear plastic for easy identification. Decks fit in open-style racks from a variety of manufacturers

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