Customisable Hotplates, Stuart

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Plate Surface Choice – Aluminium or Ceramic

Interface Choice – Analogue or Digital

Maximum Temperature – 450°C (ceramic) or 325°C (aluminium)

Standard Colour Choice – Blue, White or Black

Premium Colour Choice – Blue, White, Black, Avocado, Red, Tangerine, Violet, Pink

Each unit is robust and has features that will keep you safe, with a chemically toughened glass interface, ceramic or ceramic-coated aluminium, and a mains independent hot-warning light.
The Analogue version has a basic interface with LED arrays display showing temperature and speed.
The Digital version offers the same LED speed array in addition to an upgraded digital 7 segment temperature display.

  •  Compact footprint won’t take up valuable benchtop or storage space
  • Accurate temperature control with coloured LED indicator scale
  • Warning indicator lights up when the top plate is hot and overheat protection cuts power in case of fault
  • Powerful provide strong stirring action
  • A simple clean body reduces splash from spillage and has BioCote antimicrobial protection
  • A spill-resistant front control module with chemically toughened glass protects against cosmetic damage
  • Temperature sensor compatibility

Premium Models

  • The Stuart Premium hotplate offers the highest level of sophistication in a hotplate with a full colour 4″ TFT screen. Both set and actual temperature of the sample are displayed simultaneously.
  • As the hotplate heats the sample to the set temperature, the advanced control algorithm automatically measures the rate of temperature rise to then optimise the heating rate to minimise overshoot and time to set point.
  • There is the ability to create programs, controlling the temperature.
  • The unit is supplied with a PTFE coated temperature probe, which allows accurate sample temperature control to within ±1°C
  • In-built connectivity allows the unit to be updated in the field, as and when new firmware versions are available.


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