CrystalEX Microplates, Corning

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  • 96 and 384 well crystallisation microplates for high throughput protein crystal growth and screening
  • Designed for sitting-drop crystallisation
  • Meet 96 and 384 well microplate standards for automation

  • 96 Well CrystalEX™ Crystallisation Microplates

  • 96 large reservoir (reagent) wells and 96 corresponding protein wells
  • Conical bottom protein wells provides better centring of the protein drop
  • Both 96 well and 384 well plates are manufactured from an advanced polymer with high resistance to commonly used solvents
  • Compatible with manual pipettors and automation
  • Unique merged well design provides efficient vapour space for protein crystallisation

  • 384 Well CrystalEX™ Crystallisation Microplates

  • Designed for full automation in crystal screening
  • Meets industry standards for 384 well microplate footprint and well locations
  • 192 reservoir wells and 192 corresponding protein wells
  • Flat bottom protein wells
  • Reservoir wells and protein wells are positioned to be compatible with multi-head dispensing equipment (up to 96 well heads)


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£781.93 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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