Corning® Matrigel® Matrix 3D plate

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The Matrigel matrix-3D plate pre-coated option reduces workflow steps for the researcher and eliminates the need to handle small volume ECM dispensation.

Matrigel matrix 3D plates are a pre-coated, ready to use option available in 96 well and 384 well formats. Matrigel matrix is pre dispensed into each well of these high throughput formats to support successful 3D cell culture.

These products enable ‘on top/sandwich’ and ‘embedded’ workflows to generate 3D cell cultures.

This convenient, off-the-shelf option helps researchers improve productivity in homogenous assays where 3D structures are grown and assayed directly in the plate.

Key Features:

  • 96 and 384 well pre dispensed Matrigel plates
  • Supports 3D cultures of organoids, spheroids & polarized epithelial 3D structures
  • Shipped on dry ice, stored at 20 C
  • Verified for intraplate consistency, allowing sandwich overlay and embedded workflowsCorning has built-in quality control to ensure a consistent volume of Matrigel matrix is dispensed into each well. In fact, Z’ values of high throughput assays conducted using Matrigel matrix-3D plates demonstrate robust assay and consistent plate-to-plate performance.

Matrigel matrix-3D plates reduce the manual inaccuracies of self-coating and gives researchers the convenience of a “plug and play” protocol to grow and assay 3D structures directly in the

Corning Matrigel Matrix-3D plates have been shown to:

  • Support formation of 3D polarized epithelial structures and cancer spheroids.
  • Successfully support screening with drug compound libraries
  • Provide a suitable format for drug discovery research using organoids (as per customer use).

As an optimized format for 3D cell culture, Corning Matrigel matrix-3D plates streamline workflow and deliver a consistent and convenient solution for a high throughput environment


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