Corning® ITS+ Premix Universal Culture Supplement, 20mL, 1/Pack

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  • Contains insulin, human transferrin, and selenous acid, the three most universally essential components of defined culture media
  • The concentrated supplement stimulates cell proliferation of a variety of cells under serum-reduced conditions
  • Corning ITS+ Premix: As an aqueous solution containing human recombinant insulin, human transferrin (12.5 mg each), selenous acid (12.5 µg), BSA (2.5 g), and linoleic acid (10.7 mg)
  • Tested for ability to promote proliferation of HeLa cells in serum-free medium
  • Filtered (0.2 µm membrane) and tested and found negative for bacteria, fungi and mycoplasma
  • Corning ITS+ Premix – Stable for at least three months at 2° to 8°C, do not freeze
  • Corning ITS+ Premix -Recommended dilution: 1:100 (dilute stock solution in serum-free medium)


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