Colony Doc-It 120, Analytik Jena

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The unique UVP ColonyDoc-It Imaging Station enables researchers to quickly and accurately count colonies. The high resolution digital colour camera identifies the smallest colonies. Plate and filter sizes from 33-150 mm can be accommodated. Doors create a darkroom environment, eliminating ambient light. Applications include microbiology, hygiene studies, antibiotic testing, quality control GFP colonies, and fluids contamination.

System Capabilities

  • DigiCam 130 digital colour camera with 17.9 megapixel resolution
  • Select from several light sources for illuminating a wide range of stained media
  • Slide the filter selector to one of two positions
  • A wide range of emission filters are available
  • The plate alcove accommodates pour, spread and spiral plates and filters with sizes from 33 mm to 150 mm
  • Capture colony sizes as small as 0.08 mm
  • Generate fast automatic and accurate colony counting with detailed statistics
  • Define parameters including eight colour differentiation, split or merge, filter by group or size
  • Attach the door (not shown) to create a darkroom environment when imaging colonies with GFP fluorescence

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