Clear Culture Plates, Corning

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  • Tissue Culture treatment is the same as the surface treatment on other Corning Cell Culture plastics
  • Standard well volumes:
    Flat bottom 360µl
    U bottom 330µl
    V bottom 320µl
  • Recommended working volumes of 75 to 200µl
  • Sterilised by gamma irradiation and certified non-pyrogenic (endotoxin levels <0.5EU/ml)
  • ultra-Low attachment surface for minimising cell attachment
  • Half area plate (CC768) has a well volume of 190, working volume of 25 to 125µl
  • CC223 is an 8-well strip plate
  • Available in Corning CellBIND and Poly-D-Lysine surfaces for enhancing cell attachment
  • Lids are only supplied where indicated


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