ChemFAST Elite 06, Ductless Fume Cupboard, Faster

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ChemFAST belong to the latest generation of ductless fume cupboards using the most innovative molecular filtration technology manufactured by Faster, in which the choice of materials of construction of the highest quality guarantees a safe working environment together with fume containment for protection from chemicals, vapors and aerosol in the laboratories.

ChemFAST Elite are equipped with a microprocessor based monitoring system for a range of data which includes type and code number of the filter being used, installation date, maximum time allowance for filter use and a warning date for its replacement.

  • Filters quoted upon request. Please contact for information on suitable filters for your application.
  • Best cleanability: Front stratified hinged safety glass, the frontal opening is set to 200 mm. The whole front of the cabinet can also be opened upwards as it is hinged on the top – in order to allow easy access for complete and effective cleaning and decontamination.
  • Cold rolled epoxy painted galvanized external structure for superior resistant against chemical solvents aggression.
  • High Level Lighting: The safety glass side-windows with the ideal positioning and sizing of the light-system provide the highest level of luminosity to the work area.
  • Easy handling and maintenance: ChemFAST can pass through standard 800 mm wide door openings thanks to the overall depth of just 760mm. All service operations are available from the front of the cabinet. Charcoal filters can be easily replaced from the front.
  • More than 10 different kind of activate charcoal filters able to absorb and handle any organic compounds and inorganic gases and vapors.
  • Highly effective protection from toxic vapors
  • High filtration efficiency
  • Large adsorption capacity
  • Built in safety: all electronic components, switches, lighting and motor fan have been selected and installed fully isolated from air contaminated with solvents and therefore meet the most stringent electrical safety requirements.


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