Bottle Top Dispensers, Corning®

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The Corning Bottle Top Dispenser is a universal solution for dispensing organic and inorganic liquids. The specialized air purging and closed-circuit system ensures no loss of reagent during dispensing, as well as when the device is not in use. The dispenser comes with 4 adapters with different diameters for universal use with multiple bottle sizes. The telescopic suction tube can be adjusted smoothly to different bottle heights.

The calibration tool allows easy in-lab calibration with a built-in recalibration mechanism to ensure the highest reproducibility during the dispenser’s long life cycle. Every dispenser is individually tested and delivered with a certificate of performance. Corning Bottle Top Dispensers are suitable for use with a wide range of chemical solutions.

The components that come directly in contact with the reagents are made of chemical resistant, robust materials such as platinum, ceramic, PTFE, or borosilicate glass.

Features and Benefits

  • Six (6) different volume models to dispense solutions from 0.25 to 100 mL
  • Easy in-lab calibration with built-in recalibration mechanism
  • Accurate and reproducible volume setting with quick volume lock knob*
  • Fully autoclavable for protection against contamination
  • 360° rotatable valve block for convenient dispensing with tough bottle connections
  • Convenient 3-position discharge tube for dispensing, sample recovery, and emptying
  • Unique drip-free system for your safety at work
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning

*100 mL dispenser comes with a volume adjustment screw


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