Large Capacity LN2 Storage Systems for Biobanks, Haier

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This series is designed to ensure the maximum storage capacity with the minimum consumption of liquid nitrogen to lower the overall cost of operations.

  • Massive capacity between 13,000 to 94,875 × 2ml Vials
  • One-touch defogging for easier access
  • Designed for both Liquid and Vapour Phase Storage
  • Vapour phase storage is the only guaranteed method to prevent cross-contamination
  • Applies advanced vacuum technology and superinsulation technology to ensure storage safety and temperature uniformity while reducing the consumption of liquid nitrogen
  • The temperature difference of the entire storage area does not exceed 10°C even in vapour phase storage, and temperature near the top of the shelf can be as low as -190°C.
  • All data and samples are protected by a secure access control system.
  • Features Cryosmart system for complete monitoring and controlling
  • Rotating tray design for easy retrieval and insertion of product canisters
  • 5 year vacuum warranty


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