Axiocam 208 Wi-Fi Adaptor

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Wi-Fi Adapter package for the ZEISS Axiocam 208 consisting of:

  • Wi-Fi adapter
  • USB adapter – Type-C to Type-A for wireless transmission of camera images to PC or iPad with

To use this Wi-Fi adaptor ensure:

  • The camera is powered via mains supply or microscope
  • An USB Wi-Fi adaptor is available
  • An USB hub is connected to the camera
  • An USB mouse is connected to the USB hub to operate the OSD
  • The camera is connected to a display via HDMi
  1. Insert the USB Wi-Fi adaptor into the camera’s USB Type-C Port or into the USB hub.
Axiocam 208 Wi-Fi Adaptor

Emerald Offer –Wi-Fi adaptor is free when ordered with the Axiocam 208 Colour Camera

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