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The Appleton Range includes a wide range of Autoclave Products and accessories, including:

Appleton Autoclave Bags

  • Capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 160°C
  • Bags are constructed with welded side seams and seamless fold over bottom edge for extra strength
  • Printed with blue hazardous waste and biohazard warnings

Autoclave Tape

  • Indicator stripes change colour when the sterilisation process has taken place
  • 2 sizes available

Autoclave Indicator Strips

  • Accurate indication of time, steam and temperature inside steam autoclaves
  • Simple, abrupt colour change indicates all 3 criteria have been achieved
  • Full instructions supplied with each pack

Autoclave Indicator Tubes

  • Fluid, dry heat and steam sterilization control tubes are an effective and immediate visual check on sterilization conditions.
  • Select the Control Tube to match your sterilisation parameters (time/temperature) and distribute them throughout the load prior to sterilisation.

Autoclave deodoriser capsules

  • Specially formulated to minimise offensive odours
  • Each capsule is sufficient to neutralise the odours from an average load in a 200 litre autoclave
  • Suitable for all autoclave makes and models
  • No risk of spillage
  • Evaluation samples available

Interested in our range of Autoclaves? Click here to view them or contact Lana Robinson, our Equipment Sales Specialist!

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