ATLANTIS microplate washer, Biochrom

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  • For washing both absorbance and luminescence based microplate assays
  • High flexibility:
  • Multiple washing / rinsing options, digitally controlled aspiration and dispensing pumps
  • Configurable to a range of microplate well types
  • Detachable plate carrier for easy cleaning
  • Efficiency & ease of use:
  • Low noise, pressure-free aspiration and dispensing pumps
  • No special wash bottles required
  • No warm up time needed
  • Very low residual volume of <1 µl in flat bottomed plates left after washing
  • Automatic rinse to prevent clogging
  • Automatic well depth detection and crosswise aspiration selectable functions enables washing without touching the well
  • Safety:
  • Manifold cover reduces aerosols
  • Emergency stop to prevent damage to microplate
  • Optional liquid level sensors
  • Comes with an 8-channel manifold for standard ANSI SBS footprint 96-well plates
  • Optional 16-way manifold for washing 384-well plates
  • 1 year warranty

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