appGENE Genomic DNA Kit, 250 preps, Appleton

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  • Reliably purify high quality genomic, mitochondrial, bacterial, parasite or viral DNA from multiple sources
  • Maximum yield / spin column: ≤ 50μg (e.g.liver)
  • Concise sample-specific, pre-optimised protocols for highest yield
  • Easily process multiple sample types in parallel in under 25 mins
  • DNA suitable for downstream molecular biology, genotyping & pathogen applications
  • See manual for average yields
  • Extract from:
    • ≤ 30mg tissues, insects, hair, rodent tails
    • 103-107 cell cultures
    • ≤1ml blood
    • ≤ 5 ml physiological fluids
    • Swabs
    • ≤ 150μl semen
    • 3ml (≤ 109) cells of yeast and bacterial broth or pellets


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