appCertiFi Hot Start Polymerase, 500 units

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AppCertiFi Hot Start Polymerase is a versatile proofreading enzyme with aptamer hot start technology for accurate PCR. Significant improvements in speed, yield, and sensitivity are possible due to enhanced DNA binding and processivity. This increases the PCR success rates of for difficult and lengthy templates.


  • Hot start technology enhances specificity and sensitivity.
  • Reversible aptamer non-covalent binding maximises sensitivity and specificity.
  • Aptamer locking technology allows for room temperature set up and is stable for 24 hours per and post amplification.
  • Greater PCR success rates with long and/or GC or AT-rich templates (17.5 kb and over)
  • High temperature cycling (up to 100 °C) to better separate GC-rich templates
  • Produces blunt-end PCR products
  • Reaction mix is stable for up to 24 hours before and after PCR run
  • 100x higher fidelity compared to Taq DNA polymerase


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