appPROBE No ROX Mix (2X)

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  • For high performance qPCR using probe-detection technologies like Taqman, Molecular Beacons and Scorpion probes
  • Robust detection of your low-copy number templates with rapid extension times (low CT values)
  • Applications include: absolute gene quantification, gene expression analysis and diagnostic qPCR
  • Pre-optimised for fast, specific and sensitive quantitative PCR across a broad range of templates
  • Pre-added, optimised levels of MgCl2 and dNTPs for highly reproducible single-gene or multiplex qPCR
  • Mixes contain a hot start polymerase which has been specifically engineered for highly specific qPCR and works in fast or standard thermal cycling conditions
  • Compatible with the majority of real-time thermal cyclers (see website for selection guide)
  • Suitable sample types: complex templates and crude samples

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