96 Well Protein crystallisation plates, round bttm, Corning

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  • 96 and 384 well crystallisation microplates for high throughput protein crystal growth and screening
  • Designed for sitting-drop crystallisation
  • Meet 96 and 384 well microplate standards for automation
    96 Well Next Generation CrystalEX Microplates
  • Designed for high throughput sitting drop protein crystallisation
  • Conforms to SBS specifications for full compatibility in automated crystal screening

    li>Multiple formats and versatility for custom options to maximise crystal formation, identification and analysis and harvesting
    Choose from five unique protein well shapes (shown below)
    Options include 1, 3 or 5 protein wells per reservoir well
     Available in two materials: Cyclic Olefin Copolymer (COC) which has high resistance to commonly used solvents and zero polarisation polymer (PZero) which provides for zero background polarisation and nonbirefringence

  • High clarity protein wells for optimal microscopic crystal viewing
  • Reservoir numbers are embossed on each individual well for easy identification

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