96-well Black/White Clear-Bottom Plates, Corning

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  • Polystyrene plates with 96 flat bottom wells
  • Opaque walls prevent well-to-well crosstalk
  • Optically clear bottoms for direct microscopic viewing
  • Plates can be used in both top and bottom reading instruments
  • Bottoms are 60% thinner than conventional polystyrene plates resulting in lower background fluorescence and enabling readings down to 340nm
  • Standard well volumes – Flat bottom – 360µl
  • Recommended working volumes of 75 to 200µl
  • Half area plate has well volume of 205µl, working volumes of 25-125µl
  • Lids are supplied with CC826 & CC822
  • CC826 is a Special Optics Plate that has black walls with ultra-thin, clear bottoms for sharp, clear images and minimal background in fluorescent assays


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