‘-150°C Cryogenic Freezer, 209L, Haier BioMedical

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Microprocessor controller

  • Equipped with a microprocessor controller and a 10.1 inch LCD screen with display accuracy at 0.1°C to show the cabinet and ambient temperature, voltage and other data clearly. The temperature inside the cabinet is adjustable from -130°C to -150°C.

Safe and secure

  • Integrated handle, standard equipped with key lock and padlock, with optional electromagnetic lock and fingerprint lock, providing multiple safeguards for sample safety.

Large Capacity USB

  • Enables users to download historical temperature data of the past 10 years for compliance and auditing purposes.

Multiple Alarms

  • With high and low temperature alarm, sensor error, hot condenser, power failure, low battery, door ajar, high ambient temperature and other alarm functions.

Superior Insulation Performance

  • Wide cabinet opening design, outer door multi-layer sealing, standard with two inner doors, to prevent the loss of cold; Cabinet VIP+ polyurethane foam 140mm.

Compatible with Freezer Racks

  • The height of the inner is increased, which can be compatible with various kinds of freezer racks.

Networking Functions

  • A standard RS485 port is configured for multiple refrigerators.


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