Another successful Miele Installation!

Appleton Woods has been a proud Miele distributor for almost 15 years and our latest installation was a special one for us. The University of Birmingham is not only our closest customer at only 3 miles but one of our oldest as well.

 Our Customer Services Officer, Tania and Account manager, Harriet hopped on the short train journey to oversee the delivery as well as ask our very good customer; Alastair Tew, a few questions about why he uses Appleton Woods to procure Miele and other trusted brands…

AW: Hello Alastair, how are you today? Keeping busy! 

Alastair: Very well thank you! Yes, it’s been super busy lately as I am getting married next week, so preparing everything for that but excited! We are also one of the very first buildings and labs to re-open again after Covid so have been keeping busy making sure everything is set up for when the students arrive back.

AW: Are you excited about the installation of the new glasswasher and happy with everything! 

Alastair: I am so excited I can hardly contain myself haha but no, seriously a new glasswasher was much needed and I’m looking forward to seeing the set up! 

AW: What is the first thing you are going to ‘wash’ in the glasswasher!  

Alastair: Although it probably won’t be myself doing the ‘washing’, more than likely it will be one of the technicians. I think the first thing will be all the flasks! 


, Another successful Miele Installation!
Miele van pulling up to University of Birmingham.

AW: What made you go with Miele as a supplier for this glasswasher, have you purchased equipment from them in the past? 

Alastair: We have recently built a new facility in the West Extension, follow me and I will give you a tour! We have also ordered two Miele glasswashers in the past, and they work great so we wanted to go with the same ones again.

AW: What made you choose Appleton Woods a distributor for your Miele glasswasher? 

Alastair: Mainly I would have to say it was the price, which is a given I guess! But the level of service that is offered is really amazing. We have been historical customers of Appleton Woods and there is a certain level of trust that is obtained over the years that is commendable. 

AW:  As you are a valued Customer of ours for a number of years now Alastair, what do you like about working with us? 

Alastair: Well firstly being you are a local company and its nice to work with local companies. All the staff seem very fun and likeable people. You are a great company to work with as you always look after us. No ask seems to be too big for you guys and you always pull through when we are struggling with stock etc., we know we can rely on you. We wanted to stick with you through the tough times as you have with us.  

, Another successful Miele Installation!
Miele Glasswasher carefully being unloaded.

AW: Is there anything that you feel makes us different from the other distributors you work with? 

AlastairI think the thing that makes you different at Appleton Woods is that personal touch and human element- when talking to the Customer Service team on the phones, the Sales Reps on video chat and all the delivery drivers when taking deliveries you guys are all so friendly. 

 AW: Would you or have you already recommended us to your peers at the University? 

Alastair: Oh 100%, I already have and will continue to do so. Although everyone already knows who you are! 

AW: Is there anything you feel we could improve on for you as a valued customer? 

Alastair: The only thing I would say here is sometimes the level of communication regarding some of the orders which are due to be delayed. I do completely understand that given the current situation it must be very hard to respond to everyone.

AW: Thank you for your time Alastair, it was lovely speaking to you! I have also brought you one of our Siemens Antigen Covid test kit, so you may test all the guests at your wedding. Best of Luck. 

Alastair: Thank you Tania, that will come in very handy! It was great speaking to you as well. 

, Another successful Miele Installation!
Alastair Tew standing in front of Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham with Covid test!

If you are looking for Miele products you can find more information on our website here or discuss the range with our equipment specialist  

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