Meet the Supplier – Capricorn Scientific

, Meet the Supplier – Capricorn Scientific

Learn a little more about Appleton Woods’ newest supplier – Capricorn Scientific – as we bring their complete reagent product range to the UK Market. Read all about them below!

  1. Who is Capricorn Scientific?

Capricorn Scientific was established in 2013 as a German manufacturer of cell culture media, sera, and reagents. We focus on the manufacturing of high-quality cell culture products for biotech, diagnostic and research applications. Our team is highly trained, experienced, and motivated to fulfill requests and orders around the world.

Our four company pillars are:

  • Your partner in cell culture

We are a company dedicated to cell culture. Our specialists offer their experience to support your research.

  • Fast and efficient order processing

Secured just in time delivery due to short administrative channels and good knowledge on product quality, stability, and delivery condition.

  • Competence, commitment, and improvement

Our ISO 9001:2015 Certification means that we are regularly audited and certified by an independent organization to continuously improve our quality system and our standards, processes, and products.

  • Customized production and development

We design your media according to your recipe or create innovative solutions that can improve the performance and efficiency of your specific processes.

  1. How big is the company – how many people do you have working for you?
, Meet the Supplier – Capricorn Scientific

Capricorn Scientific is a strongly expanding company in the life science sector, which is represented worldwide. All Capricorns are directed by three central managers with decades of experience in the cell culture sector. Together they keep the departments purchasing, production, quality, storage & logistics, and sales under control. Due to the recent cell culture growth in research, development, and production worldwide our headcount is increasing rapidly, but controlled. In 2021 we have 35 co-workers, increasing to around 40 in 2022 and around 50 in 2024. The main driving part is our newly established 1400 sqm production plant which will be up and running by the end of 2021. With a strong connection to the University city Marburg we have a well-educated and passionate source of future co-workers. Furthermore, we have a network of more than 40 trained distributors with further specialists to support you.

  1. You are expanding your manufacturing plant in Germany – how far along is that and when should it be complete? How will that increase your manufacturing capacity?

Yes, Capricorn Scientific is in the process to build up a state-of-the-art cell culture manufacturing plant in Ebsdorfergrund, near Frankfurt, Germany. Our plant expansion will house 1400 sqm clean room environment and quality laboratories. The whole building will already be in place in April 2021 (next month). The interior equipment is implemented and finalized by November 2021. After a thorough qualification process, the plant can start to supply worldwide customers from January 2022 ongoing. The new production will also be divided into animal component and animal component-free areas as well as a powder facility. The new sectors will then quadruple our current manufacturing process.

  1. What have been your biggest challenges over the past 12 months with the COVID pandemic – how have you overcome them?

Due to the global cell culture growth in research, development, and production, many large players in the market prioritized pandemic project leaving other essential working groups with long lead times and unsecured supply. These scientists needed an alternative in cell culture. With our new homepage, we raised awareness and got orders from these new contacts around the world. To manage their incoming orders and to offer a secure supply, we directly produced larger batch sizes and expanded our warehouse capacity. As scientists we know that all projects need a partner they can trust on.

, Meet the Supplier – Capricorn Scientific
  1. What are your unique products that make you stand out from other suppliers?

With extensive experience, Capricorn Scientific has in-depth knowledge in the development, production, and distribution of cell culture and diagnostic products. We possess the technical and scientific know-how to solve customer-specific problems in terms of special product manufacturing.

We design media, buffer, and reagents according to your recipe or create innovative solutions that can improve the performance and efficiency of your specific processes. As research projects often lack priority within larger companies, we offer experimental batches of low volumes. Once established, we provide support during scale-up processes and can securely supply during your production.

Our company follows the scientific world and is driven to optimize the daily work in cell culture. Our “Advanced” product range is a good example, which offers additional convenience.

  1. What technical support and services are you able to provide to your customers?
, Meet the Supplier – Capricorn Scientific

Life in cell culture can be astonishing difficult sometimes. It goes so far that scientists blame the moon phases for an unexpected result. Our staff is only composed of people who have a scientific education and went through the same trouble. Thereby we learned to be solution oriented and we are happy to share our knowledge with customers. With this extensive knowledge and a database of product information and instructions we want to be a partner in cell culture. Furthermore, we believe a request should be answered directly and personally as you want to face challenges in time and not after weeks!

  1. With deliveries sometimes delayed – what should customers do if products arrive in a thawed or semi thawed state – are the products still good to use and what do you advise?

Yes, we know that this could happen from time to time as no one can predict situations like those happened in the Suez Canal. What we can do and what we did is that we evaluated all our products in house with performance tests. Thereby we have solutions on how to handle those issues. Each product and scenario should be handled individually, therefore the best would be to give a direct message and our tech team will walk you through:


Phone: +49 642494464

  1. Sustainability and green credentials are increasingly important to customers and organisations when selecting products – what steps are you taking to reduce your environmental impact?

We are also driven to reduce our environmental footprint where possible. For instance, we took several steps in storage and transportation since this is a point where we can actively reduce waste. Using filling material of plan starch in suitable deliveries as well as implementing recyclable cool pads where possible are only a few mentionable steps.

  1. Where do you see opportunities in the cell culture media sector over the next 12-18 months?

With the pandemic being dominant recently, there is an awareness rising how important the research and development cell culture segment is. With this awareness comes the financial support and innovation can take its way. A good example are the steps towards a serum-free cell culture. This is not yet possible but by building intermediate scenarios we will certainly achieve this one day.

We are also driven by optimizing cell culture and propose different alternatives like our Advanced Media.

, Meet the Supplier – Capricorn Scientific
  1. What was it about Appleton Woods that made you want to partner with us to supply the UK market?

We sought, and found in Appleton Woods, an ideal partner who has both the understanding and involvement in this key cell culture market. Their knowledge of customer requirements linked to their extensive product portfolio in the overall cell culture field makes them the ideal partner for Capricorn Scientific.

, Meet the Supplier – Capricorn Scientific

The complete product portfolio can be viewed here.

For all other enquiries please contact Dr. Stewart Sale, our Reagent Portfolio Manager.

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