Manchester BIOGEL PeptiGel® Webinar

Specifically designed for use in 3D cell culture, spheroid and organoid growth PeptiGels® have unique benefits to make them ideal for a multitude of in vitro applications.

The PeptiGel® range is chemically defined and formulated to meet every cells’ need and can be used in 2D and 3D cell culture.

The benefits of the PeptiGels® are that they are animal-free, and chemically defined with no batch to batch variation so produce consistent results time after time.

This webinar will discuss the following topics:

  • What are PeptiGels®?
  • What are their advantages?
  • Where can they be used – applications?
  • How easy are they to use?
  • Associated products to go with PeptiGels®

View the Webinar Below:

PeptiGels Webinar

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