Live Demo – Andrew Alliance

Join us for a live demo on 10th June at 11am to find out how Andrew Alliance can help give you an extra pair of hands in your lab! 

Advantages of the system include:

  • FREE OneLab Software – Reproducibility and full traceability of biological experiments is assured using a highly intuitive browser-based software environment.
  • OneLab enables scientists to graphically design their own pipetting protocols in minutes and execute them straight away in any laboratory in the world, even allowing the remote monitoring of ongoing experiments.
  • Single and multi-channel pipetting for greater flexibility
  • Andrew+ is compact – The liquid handling robot has been designed to fit the majority of laboratory benches and biosafety cabinet
  • Flexible working deck and tools for all your needs – In addition to pipetting liquids, the Andrew+ liquid handler can perform a wide range of complex experimental steps
  • In a time of mass laboratory plastic shortages, it’s reassuring that the modular design enables Andrew+ to use a broad range of consumables.

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