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The last 12 months have been challenging in so many ways. One of the challenges we faced at Appleton Woods was ensuring we could provide the products our customers needed at the time they needed them.
Whilst some supply delays were inevitable and faced by all manufacturers and suppliers, we have been working very hard behind the scenes to add new products to our portfolio. Hopefully, they will go some way to making your lab work easier or even more sustainable!
Here are 10 of the newest products to be introduced to the Appleton Woods range.

Appleton appZAP – Top Pick for Sterilisation

The Appleton appZAP provides a unique, innovative method of sterilising pipettes in just 28 minutes. Using UV-C radiation, the appZAP can destroy more than 99% of microbial contamination on up to 6 pipettes at any one time without needing to wait until the end of the day or lose them to time-consuming autoclave cycles. And we are yet to find a single-channel pipettor that doesn’t fit in the universal holders! The appZAP is also covered by the Appleton promise which means if the product fails within its 2-year warranty period it will be replaced free of charge.
At a time when ensuring cleanliness in all aspects of our working and home lives is at its most important, the appZAP allows quick, easy and thorough sterilisation of one of the key pieces of lab equipment.

Appleton PCR Plate Centrifuge – Top Pick for Limited Bench Space

The new Appleton PCR Plate Centrifuge is a simple, convenient addition to your PCR workflow with a small footprint and the flexibility to be moved around the lab.
It is powerful despite its size, with an adjustable speed of up to 2800rpm and capacity for either 2 PCR plates, 2 x microtitre plates or 2 x 384 well plates. As with all Appleton benchtop equipment, the PCR Plate Centrifuge is covered by the Appleton Promise which means if the product fails within its 2-year warranty period it will be replaced free of charge.
Appleton PCR Plate Spinner

Appleton Pipette Tips – Top Pick for Sustainability

It probably won’t come as a surprise to hear that there has been a global shortage of filter pipette tips! However, the end of this shortage is finally in sight…
Coming soon from the Appleton range are a brand-new range of universal fitting standard and filter pipette tips, bought to you with sustainability in mind. Refill racks for both filter and standard tips are available, all of which come in recyclable cardboard packaging. Appleton Woods will also be able to offer a recycling service for any plastic racks used. The tips themselves are low retention, made from high-quality polypropylene and will make a great addition to your laboratory consumables. Available to pre-order now!

Capricorn Scientific Media – Top Pick for Cell Culture

Appleton Woods has recently announced a new and exclusive partnership with Capricorn Scientific GmbH and are excited to be able to supply this great range of cell culture media and reagents. We plan to stock a large proportion of the range in our Birmingham warehouse which means quick deliveries to our customers!
Capricorn Scientific manufacture a wide range of cell culture media, sera and reagents for R&D, diagnostic and biotech applications and have a wealth of experience in this area.
2020 also saw the addition of magnetic beads for PCR clean up to the growing Appleton PCR reagent range. The appMAG beads are based on a paramagnetic bead technology designed for the purification of amplicons 60 base pairs and larger.
The products can be used in NGS and fit easily into existing workflows with no optimisation required.
Also available in this range is appMAG Dye Terminator Removal Clean Up Beads.

Zeiss Primostar 3 – Top Pick for Teaching Labs

Appleton Woods is lucky enough to supply all products from the Zeiss range but a personal favourite is the Primostar 3. It’s a robust yet compact microscope suitable for both digital teaching and routine lab work. Zeiss have set up pre-defined packages to help you get the precise microscope configuration you need for the tasks at hand. Several options are available including the PK048 which features a fully integrated digital microscope camera enabling you to share snapshots or live video via HD monitors or projectors with your students.
All Primostar 3 packages come ready to use straight out of the box for a true plug and play experience!
We are also able to offer the ‘Try ZEISS Scheme’ which allows a free 14-day trial of a new ZEISS routine microscope with the opportunity to buy the microscope at a discounted ‘Try ZEISS’ offer price. Please contact us for more information!

Peptigels – Top Pick for Animal-Free

Appleton Woods is proud to have been able to partner with Manchester Biogel and are able to offer their complete range of synthetic hydrogels, or Peptigels, to the UK market.
Peptigels are designed for use in both 2D and 3D cell culture and specifically designed with a range of mechanical properties and chemical functionalities to mimic the native cellular micro-environment to allow growth of any cell type. The fact that they’re synthetic means you won’t see any batch-batch variation and therefore can expect consistent results each time. They’re ready to use, convenient and animal-free so much more sustainable (as well as kinder to our furry friends)!

Appleton Deepwell Plates – Top Pick for Automated Systems

The new range of Appleton Deepwell plates are fully autoclavable and compatible with many liquid handling systems. Many labs have been affected by a shortage of these consumables so we’re happy to be able to bring this new product on board in both a round well/round bottom and square well/V bottom format. They’re also suitable for automated sample extraction protocols.

Appleton Syringe Filters – Top Pick for Filtration

Brand new to the Appleton range are the syringe filters. These have just arrived and aren’t even on the website yet but they’re in the warehouse and ready to go! We’re aware that some users may have experienced supply issues with syringe filters in the past so decided to add them to the Appleton range so another option is available!
Both PES and CA filters are available for a variety of applications and free samples are available now if you’d like to give them a try! Contact us today for more information.

appCYCLE Recycling Scheme – Top Pick for Recycling

My final product is cheating slightly as it’s not actually available yet… but it was too exciting to leave it out!
I can’t give too much away on this one yet but we’re excited to be bringing a new scheme on board to help you recycle your PPE (disposable gloves and facemasks) as well as plastic tip boxes. The items will be recycled in the UK and turned into items for everyday use. Watch this space for more information!

I’d also love to get your input – what do you need in the lab to improve your workflow or make your lab work easier? Contact me at with any suggestions or ideas you have of what you’d like to see from Appleton Woods!

Thanks for reading!


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