Free-standing Equipment- Autumn/Winter Sale 2023

Here you will find all the essential equipment that is needed in your laboratory. Whether you are a new lab setup, or have been researching for a while, we have all the equipment you need!

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Lana, Equipment Sales Manager

We have an extensive range of well-known manufacturers, and I am confident that we can help you with anything; from purchasing your next under bench freezer to setting up a brand new laboratory. Please contact me if you have any questions or if you can’t easily find what you are looking for – I am happy to try and source what you need. Get in touch!”

Ultra-Low Temperature Storage

The LMS Series Cooled Incubators is a reliable and accurate temperature-controlled cabinet (-10°Cto +50°C) designed for optimum performance and reliability. The design of the purpose-built incubator facilitates the addition of optional extras to provide greater flexibility for individual use, making it suitable for a wide range of laboratory applications!

Contact us for racking requirements!

Available in two ranges, designed for long term storage of samples!

  • Optimised for daily use with frequent door openings.
  • Intuitive and clear interface
  • Fast temperature recovery without compromising the power consumption.
  • Constant alarm monitoring
  • UK stock available

Cryogenic Storage

Cryogenic Freezer

Multiple locks including padlock, electromagnetic and fingerprint lock

Microprocessor controller

10.1 inch LCD screen with display accuracy at 0.1°C

Small Dewars

For storage of 750x 2ml vials

Fridge and Freezers

Sparkfree fridges and freezers available
All units come with a 12 month warranty.

Labcold Sparkfree fridges and freezers are engineered for laboratory safety. All possible sources of ignition, such as the thermostat are removed from the inside the unit.

Don’t forget to enquire with Lana for lead times!
  • Self contained machine with integral storage bin
  • Produces flake ice, suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Grade 304 Stainless Steel construction prevents rusting
  • Front sliding door for convenient storage and removal of ice
  • Production rates range from 70kg to 200kg of ice per 24-hour cycle
  • 24 month warranty
Includes installation to ground floor with pre-existing connections

CO₂ Incubators

   Iot enabled CO₂ Incubators

  • Concise Test Results with Accurate Temperature Control
  • New IR Sensor Control Technology for Precise CO₂ Concentration
  • Quick Environment Recovery System in the Incubator
  • 180°C Dry-Heat Sterilization Technology
Enquire with Lana for delivery and commissioning charge

Cabinets and Workstations

UV/PCR Cabinet

UV Cabinet for protection against contamination during a variety of
DNA/RNA procedures, with dual UV lamp protection.

Microbiological Safety Cabinets

The Haier Class II biological safety cabinet provides an effective and greener solution in operator, product and environmental protection.

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