Donation to Fight for Sight

In December, we sent out a Christmas e-card which replaced our printed Christmas cards. Nominations from customers were then accepted for a charity to receive the money saved. We received many nominations for a variety of charities who do extremely good work, so choosing one worthy charity was very difficult!


However, on this occasion, we have decided to donate the sum of £250 to Fight for Sight as it received over 5 nominations.

As you may know, Fight for Sight is the UK’s largest charity funding pioneering eye research since 1965 funding research to prevent sight loss and treat eye diseases, such as Macular degeneration, Glaucomam, Cataracts, Diabetic retinopathy and many more in adults and children. Each year, they provide a range of funding opportunities for research teams based in the UK who are attached to recognised academic or medical institutions. You can read summaries of their research projects on their website – .


If you would like to make a further contribution to the charity, please follow the link:


We at Appleton Woods, would like to thank you all for your nominations.