Benchtop Equipment-Autumn/Winter Sale 2023

Here you will be find all the essential equipment that is needed in your laboratory. Whether you are a new lab set up, or have been researching for a while, we have all the equipment you need!

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Lana, Equipment Sales Manager

We have an extensive range of well-known manufacturers, and I am confident that we can help you with anything; from purchasing your next under bench freezer to setting up a brand new laboratory. Please contact me if you have any questions or if you can’t easily find what you are looking for – I am happy to try and source what you need. Get in touch!”

Balances and measurement

Navigator Portable Precision Balances

Perfect for general weighing applications in laboratory, industrial and education.

Pioneer PX Analytical Balances

Offering high accuracy and repeatability in essential weighing applications

Explorer Series Analytical Balances

Delivers accurate results within seconds, higher throughput, with a stabilisation time up to 50% faster.

FiveEasy Standard Benchtop pH Meter

Suited for applications in the laboratory, this pH Meter provides high quality pH/mV or conductivity measurements with the simple click of a button.

FiveEasy Standard Benchtop pH Meter

With all the same great features of the Standard but with additional connectivity by RS232 or USB, memory for 200 results and 5 point calibration

FiveGo Portable pH Meter

Suited for mobile applications/outdoors, this pH meter provides pH/mV, conductivity or dissolved oxygen measurements in an lightweight, compact design.

SevenExcellence pH Meter

Ideal for maximum measurement accuracy, allowing measurements of 1, 2 or 3 parameters simultaneously, either in the same/different samples.


Hettich manufactures a complete range of benchtop centrifuges for nearly every standard laboratory application. We have carefully pre-configured Hettich Packages with Centrifuges and Rotors to make your life easier when deciding. We can also provide custom configurations if you would like other options!

Get in touch with Lana today to discuss your options

 The Microspin 12 is a compact high-speed benchtop mini centrifuge with a built-in rotor for 12 x 1.5/2ml microtubes. Ideal for biomedical laboratories.

Frontier™ Multi Centrifuges are reliable compact low-speed general purpose centrifuges for 15 and 50ml tubes

Why not choose from the Appleton branded range?  They are always in stock and we are so confident in the quality of these products that most of them are covered by the Appleton Promise guarantee! 

appROLL Tube Roller

Digital tube roller designed for optimal mixing of 6 tubes

  • Rocking and rolling motion
  • Spacing of rollers can easily be adjusted to hold different tube sizes
  • Can save and run up to 9 user defined programs

Mini Centrifuge

Your quiet, compact, powerful spinning solution!

  • Rotor instantly reaches 6,000rpm
  • 2 rotors included:
    • 8-position microtube rotor
    • Second rotor with increased capacity for 4 x 0.2mL strips (or 32 x 0.2mL tubes)
  • Handy storage compartment underneath for second rotor and tube adapters for 0.5mL tubes (also included)

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Our Appleton Promise gives you peace of mind when purchasing our equipment.


The CO2 incubator is the most important piece of equipment for biosafety laboratory R&D. The Haier Biomedical CO2 incubator uses professional and superior technology to provide reliable conditions for frontline medical staff to carry out epidemiological and translational research, and to create a stable cell and virus culture environment for researchers.

IoT Heat Stabiliser Incubator

  • Concise Test Results with Accurate Temperature Control
  • New IR Sensor Control Technology for Precise CO2 Concentration
  • Quick Environment Recovery System in the Incubator
  • 180°C Dry-Heat Sterilisation Technology

Water Purification

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