Appleton Woods & Flow Robotics announce distribution collaboration

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Appleton Woods will represent Flow Robotics’ user-friendly pipetting robot, flowbot® ONE, in the UK market.

Established in 2015, Flow Robotics A/S is a Danish robotics company with a vision of helping labs across the world transition from manual to automated pipetting. The company makes liquid handling automation accessible to all with the intuitive and flexible pipetting robot, flowbot® ONE.

With flowbot® ONE there is no need for advanced programming, extensive training, or a long implementation period. The user-friendly software can be accessed in any browser and integrates to devices positioned on the deck or externally to the system.

Flow Robotics collaboration, Appleton Woods & Flow Robotics announce distribution collaboration
Managing Director, Chris Moore signs official contract to represent Flow Robotics

Appleton Woods Ltd, and Danish robot developer, Flow Robotics A/S, have ventured into a distribution- and service collaboration to deliver cost-effective liquid handling lab automation that all labs can use.

“This is a very exciting opportunity for Appleton Woods to offer a liquid handling automation system from Flow Robotics. The ease of use and flexibility of the system enable it to perform many different applications. An added benefit is that Appleton Woods can offer compatible and competitively priced consumables and reagents, which can be pre-programmed into the software, providing customers with a complete solution,” says Dr Stewart Sale, Business Development & Product Manager at Appleton Woods.

Flow Robotics collaboration, Appleton Woods & Flow Robotics announce distribution collaboration
The Appleton Woods team learn more about the flowbot® ONE

With a shared vision that automation should neither be complicated nor expensive, the two companies will collaborate to make the pipetting robot, flowbot® ONE, a key player on the UK market.

“We immediately saw a huge potential in a collaboration. Appleton Woods shares our vision of bringing easy automation to labs of all shapes and sizes with customer service front and centre. The UK market is really flourishing and home to world-leading research- and academic institutes, life science companies, and diagnostic labs and -CROs. In collaboration with Appleton Woods, we can get close to the users and help them as new technological achievements push the boundaries for what they need to live up to,” says CCO Michael Davidsen from Flow Robotics about the collaboration.

Fundamentally, automation is propelled by the needs in the laboratories and, with the exponential growth in e.g., life science, biotechnology and diagnostics, there has never been more demand for flexible automation solutions that can be used in any laboratory to help them reach their full potential.

“The flowbot® ONE is a high-quality and versatile automation system, something we have seen a huge increase in demand for, over the last few years. It is easy to assume that automation is only useful in diagnostics and high throughput labs, but the flexibility and ease of use of the flowbot means many research or smaller throughput labs, with a variety of protocols and without an automation specialist, can now benefit.” says Dr Stewart Sale and concludes;

“Appleton Woods feels that this is such an expanding area and exciting opportunity with Flow Robotics that we will employ a dedicated and specialised individual  to specifically focus on selling the Flow Robotics flowbot® ONE and provide servicing for these units we sell into the UK market. This important role will be advertised soon but any individuals who think they would be ideally suited to this position can contact us now.”

Through their well-oiled partnership, Flow Robotics and Appleton Woods are keen to show customers how the flowbot® ONE can improve their work, increase their throughput, and create better working conditions – whether they are seasoned robot-users or taking their very first steps on a new and exciting automation journey.

Find out more about the flowbot® ONE here, or email Dr Stewart Sale

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