Intra-Regional Laboratory Agreement 2019 - 2022 General Laboratory Consumables & Chemicals

Special Pricing for High Quality Laboratory Consumables

Lot 1a – Non Branded Plastic Consumables (1st Place)
Lot 1b – Branded Consumables
Lot 2 – Pipette Sets (1st Place)
Lot 3 – Gloves (1st Place)
Lot 4 – PPE Supplies (1st Place)
Lot 5 – Filtration Consumables (1st Place)
Lot 6 – Glass Consumables
Lot 8 – Other Consumables (1st Place)

“Appleton Woods is pleased to be included as a supplier of all seven lots of the new framework agreement for the supply of general laboratory equipment. As a leading independent laboratory supplier, we aim to offer a high-quality range of products, excellent customer service, innovative supply solutions and a flexible approach to business. We look forward to working with you.”


For Orders & General Enquiries

Tel: 0121 458 7740

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What does this mean for me?

If your institution is part of this agreement you have access to special pricing on a broad range of consumables. Under the terms of the framework agreement you can buy from Appleton Woods, without holding a further competition, safe in the knowledge that you are buying from a leading company at market tested, competitive pricing.

Further Information

A dedicated web-site is available for IRLA customers at A login and password will be required, please contact us if you would like an account to be set up.

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