NEUPC Life Sciences Reagents, Kits & Consumables (LAB2009NE) 2020-2023

Special Pricing for High Quality Reagents

Next Generation Sequencing
Assay Technology
Extraction Kits
Sample Cleaning Kits
Protein Workflow
Manual PCR Consumables
Digital PCR Consumables
General Molecular Biology Instrument Consumables

“Appleton Woods is proud to announce we have been successful on the recent NEUPC Life Science Reagents, Kits & Consumables Framework Award (LAB2009 NE). The agreement award considers not only Competitive Pricing, but also Quality, Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing”

Clara Dunning, e-procurement and Data Manager

What does this mean for me?

If your institution is part of this agreement you have access to special pricing on a range of reagents and consumables, enabling you to order directly knowing you are getting a competitive, market tested price.

For Orders & General Enquiries

Clara Dunning, e-procurement and Data Manager

How do I buy from the agreement?

Appleton Woods is on all major hosted catalogues including Science Warehouse, SciQuest, Parabilis and PECOS. The products on the agreement will already be listed with their discounted prices. If you can’t find Appleton Woods on your platform please contact Clara (see contact details above)

You can, of course, order by phone, fax or post and simply quote the NEUPC agreement to benefit from the special prices. We are happy to accept payment by account, debit or credit cards and can manage level 3 line details and VAT exemption.